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Name: Madame Butterfly Size: 21cm
Type: Mohair Kit Price: R289.00
Type: use with some glitter glue on wings. Has some rhinestones in kit
Pattern: R60.00
Back in stock!
Name: Binky Size: 16 cm
Type: Mohair Price:
Type: Kit Price: R125.00
Pattern: R45.00
Name: Pippa Size: 30 cm
Type: Mohair Price: R325.00
Type: Lovely pink and lilac mohair Kit special R295.00
Pattern: R 45.00
Name: Henrietta Hedgehog Size: 20cm
Type: Mohair Kit Price: R269.00
Type: Has eyelids with eyelashes
Pattern: R50.00 mohair in kit a little golder than pic
Name: Petunia Lilac Size: 16 cm
Type: Mohair Price:
Type: Kit Price: R169.00
Pattern: R50.00
Name: Tuscany Size: 13cm
Type: Mohair Kit price: R169.00
Pattern: R40.00 Anime' style bear
Name: Hope Size: 16cm
Type: Mohair Kit Price: R149.00
Type: In aid of breast cancer awareness, our guardian Angel
Pattern: R40.00

now packed with different wings and charm-
last 2 kits left

Name: Molly and Dolly Size: 12 cm
Type: Mohair Kit Price: R100.00
Pattern: R 40.00 Mohair and dolly differ slightly
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