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Name: Doll Needles

Size: 3 in pack

Price: R25.00
Name: Eagle Thread

Colours: Various colours, cream, beige, mink, gold, white, black

Price: R49.00
Name: Fray Check (no fray)

Size: 50ml
is R89.00

Size: 120ml is R189.00
Name: Growlers

Size: n/a

Price: out of stock
Name: Nose Templates

Size: Small, medium, large, mixed

Price: R14.00 per pack of 16
Name: Nose Thread (black or brown balls only)
5 being the thickest, 12 the thinnest

Brown size 8 and 5
Type: Black size 12, 8 and 5
Price: R 39.00 each

Name: Super strong thread for closing miniature bears

Colours: Wide variety (click for full picture)

Price: R 25.00 ea

Name: Test Eyes Glass
Size: 3, 4 5, 6, 7, 8 10, 12, 14mm
Price special: R395.00
Name: Test eyes Size: 2mm to 5mm
Type: Miniature set Price: R 150.00
Type: Glass Price:
No longer 1mm in set
Name: Eye patch stencil Size: 3mm to 22mm
Type: white stencil Price: R 28.00
Use to cut out the white for behind the eye
Name: Eye Lid stencil Size: 6mm to 22mm
Type: white stencil Price: R 28.00
Use to cut out eyelids of different sizes
Name: Mega nose template Size: 9 x 8 different sizes
Price: R 75.00
8 different shapes in 9 different sizes The only nose stencil you will ever need!!
Name: Foot Templates

Size: Various sizes (tiny, small, med, large)

Price: R 28.00 each

Name: Nose Templates

Size: Tiny

Price: R 28.00

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