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Food group bears
Name: Pistachio Size: 19cm
Type: Mohair Kit Price: sold out
Pattern: R45.00
Name: Malva Size: 23cm
Type: Mohair + Alpaca Kit Price: R220.00
Pattern now: R50.00 Kit special R189.00
Name: Coconut Ice Size: 19cm
Type: Mohair Kit Price: R200.00
Type: Wobble jointed bear
Pattern: n/a Kit special R169.00
Name: Truffle Size: 22cm
Type: Mohair Price:
Type: sold out
Pattern: R 45.00
Name: Rhubarb Size: 17cm
Type: Tipped Mohair Kit Price: R179.00
Kit special R159.00
Pattern now: R40.00
Name: Peaches & Cream Size: 23cm
Type: Luxury Mohair Kit price: R259.00
Pattern: R 45.00
Name: Strawbeary Size: 20cm
Type: Mohair Price: R195.00
Pattern: R 40.00
Name: Walnut Size: 23cm
Type: Luxury Mohair Kit Price: R220.00
kit price special R189.00
Pattern now: R50.00
Name: Brande' Size: 21cm
Type: Luxury Mohair Kit price: R220.00
Type: A brand new colour mohair
Pattern: R40.00 Kit now packed with a more rust tip (not so orange) just like brandy
Name: Oreo Size: 19cm
Type: Alpaca Kit Price:
Type: dark brown + white, just like the biscuit he is named after Limited Edition
Kit now sold out
Pattern: R40.00
Name: Lady Marmalade Size: 23cm
Type: Mohair Kit Price:
Type: Kits now sold out
Pattern: R 45.00 Includes pattern to make her hat
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